All our products are the result of the agreement between research professionals and we join the needs of patients our medical, nutraceutical and health care products can offer an advantage for in comparison with conventional treatments.

We opt for a more natural and safer form of treatment, which is the reason why we aim for quality, efficiency and maximum safety in all our projects.


We strive for excellence in all our processes, from the selection of active ingredients to the manufacture of our products. For this reason we have selected one of the major European manufacturers in the field of soft gelatine capsule technology, hard capsule technology and other delivery forms: HC Aplicaps.

This way we ensure that both for the selection of active ingredients and for the compliance with the manufacturing standards the highest requirements are met, with pharmaceutical quality criteria (GMP) and with absolute guarantees in the monitoring and control of the whole production process.

Our production complies with the highest manufacturing standards, certified by the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Spanish Medicines Agency.

About us Farmolab

Authorized Manufacturer #: 6489E
Certificate Nº: / Certificate Nº: ES / 044HVI / 18
NCF Certificate of Compliance
Certificate of GMP Compliance of a Manufacturer
SGS Certificate of Conformity Nº: ES17 / 21414



We make sure all our premises, warehouses and the equipment used during the whole manufacture and storage chain meet the legislation on the correct conservation and storage of medical products.

We distribute our products following the highest marketing standards, establishing for that purpose the measures required to guarantee que quality and integrity of the products we supply.

We market our products through the main pharmaceutical wholesalers accross the country and our products are sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

The products marketed by Farmolab S.L. meet all the European requirements to be marketed in the European Economic Community (EEC), and their components comply with the requirements established by the health authorities.

Importer of Medical Products with Certificate no: 7349-PS 
Distributor of Medical Products with License no: CV-237-DIS 
Distributor of Human Nutraceutical Products with Registration no RGSEAA: 26.017954/A          Distributor of Animal Nutraceutical Products with Registration no ESP 03014025                    EUDAMED European Registration: ES-IM-000004305

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