PETS, Equine, FARM & larger animals

        At Farmolab® we are aware of the importance that both companion animals and other types of animals have for you.

For this reason we look for solutions that also help improve the health of your pets and animals. We develop quality products and foster agreements with companies that help us offer innovative and interesting solutions. as an example of this,

AquaCast Liner® is a waterproof and breathable padding that is used in rehabilitation of immobilizations, fractures, sprains and injuries, both in companion animals, farm animals, equines and other large animals. An easy-to-use system, which allows you to wet and wash your animal, to help keep it clean and healthy during the immobilization period.



  • Better hygiene 
  • Little odor 
  • It has very low friction 
  • Very few layers are required in immobilization 
  • Fiberglass and / or Polyester can be used


  • Padded and Breathable 
  • Available in widths of 5 cm, 7.5 cm and 10 cm 
  • Each roll is 1.7m long 
  • Adhesive backing for easy placement 
  • AquaCast Liner® does NOT contain LatexLittle odor 

*** AquaCast Liner® are a range of sanitary products made in the USA